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13 New Fantasy Cricket Apps In India Bonus Zon

13 New Fantasy Cricket Apps In India Bonus Zon


New Fantasy Cricket Apps In India

[Top 11] New Fantasy Cricket Apps In India In 2023 | For IPL 2023

New Fantasy Cricket Apps In India, Newly Launched Fantasy Cricket Apps In India In 2023 , New Fantasy Cricket Apps for IPL 2023 – Are you looking for the new fantasy cricket apps to win cash or compete with your friends? Whether you’re a sports fan, movie buff, or bookworm, fantasy sports games might be up your alley. Fantasy sports games like fantasy cricket allow you to win money every week by playing along with your friends and colleagues.

They’re fun and engaging, and they give you real-world experience while allowing you to win money. Imagine how satisfying it would be if you could win real cash everyday! If that sounds exciting to you, read on. But first, get to know about fantasy sports games and how fantasy cricket works!

New Fantasy Cricket Apps Of 2023

People are always looking for New fantasy apps in India as they will have lower competition & lower number of players. Also, You will hardly see any new pro fantasy players there so it will be very easy to win in small or mega leagues.

We have got lots of queries regarding newly released fantasy cricket apps in India , so here are the list of New fantasy cricket apps in India for IPL 2023.

New Fantasy Cricket Apps
In India

1. CrickPe App : New Fantasy App By Ashneer Grover

The third unicorn venture of the Grover family is a fantasy cricket app that allows you to play cricket matches and win prizes. They have launched new app called ‘CrickPe’. They are giving away free ₹50 signup bonus & ₹50 referral bonus. This bonus is 100% usable across any league inside the app.

CrickPe Fantasy Cricket app
CrickPe Details
Download Link Click Here
CrickPe referral code 9998376423
Signup bonus ₹50 + ₹25
Referral bonus ₹25

Key Features :-

  • Bonus 100% usable
  • Even Players can earn money from this
  • Good & fast app interface
  • Withdrawals in bank account

2. Famous11 App : New Fantasy Cricket App

Famous11 app is one of the best newly lauched fantasy cricket apps in India. It offers an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, making it perfect for any cricket fan. Besides, Famous11 app has a wide range of fantasy games to choose from, making it the perfect app for anyone looking to have loads of fun while they are also winning prize money.

Famous11 - New Fantasy Cricket Apps In India
App Name : Famous11
Signup Bonus : ₹510
Refer Bonus : ₹100
Download link : Click Here

Players can join league or single game contests and win great prizes like cash and exciting sports goodies. If you’re looking for an engaging fantasy cricket experience that will give you plenty of rewards over the course of the season, Famous11 is definitely

3. Life11 App : Newly Launched Fantasy App

Users may construct and manage virtual cricket teams and battle with other players for cash prizes on Life11, a fantasy cricket platform. It was created to give players a place to demonstrate their cricket knowledge and win millions, and was created by an Indian business.

Life11 - New Fantasy Cricket Apps In India
App Name : Life11 App
Signup Bonus : ₹300
Refer Bonus : 30%
Download link : Click Here

Key Features :

  1. ₹300 Signup bonus & 30% life time referral commission
  2. Newly launched so very low competition
  3. Best refer and earn scheme
  4. App is smooth & pretty fast
  5. Lifetime commission on Referral

4. Polysports App | Best New Fantasy Cricket App

Get free Bitcoin and NFTs by playing fantasy sports and displaying your skills. Begin your learn-and-earn journey with Polysports, a next-generation Everyday Fantasy Sports platform based on Blockchain Technology. Everyone can get Free Bitcoin, top crypto, and NFTs on this early and only worldwide Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) platform on Blockchain. Cloud mining, staking Polysports tokens, investing, and trading sports NFTs are just a few of the ways you can earn cash while playing fantasy sports.

Polysports App - New Fantasy Cricket Apps In India
App Name : Polysports App
Signup Bonus : ₹100
Refer Bonus : 10 coins
Download link : Click Here

5. Kubera Fantasy App | Best new Fantasy Experience

India’s first comparative fantasy sports game is Kubera Fantasy. It was founded in the year 2019 and is headquartered in Bangalore. Kubera is a safe environment for players to play the game, and it’s free.

Kubera Fantasy APp - New Fantasy Cricket Apps In India

The platform is fully secure and safe. Users can win real money and prizes playing fantasy cricket here. With very few lags, you’ll get the best gaming experience here. DUO, QUINTO, Classic, and Game Changer are just a few of the gaming formats available. Kabaddi, the new feature to the Kubera app’s mythical universe, may also be played here.

App Name : Kubera Fantasy App
Signup Bonus : ₹20 + ₹30
Refer Bonus : ₹25
Download link : Click Here

6. MyMaster11 App | Super New Fantasy Leagues

A new fantasy game app called MyMaster11 is available online. Here, one can practise their talents and demonstrate their understanding of the game by playing fantasy basketball, football, kabaddi, hockey, and cricket. Fantasy gaming requires a solid grasp of gaming principles and strategies. You can surely take advantage of it if you have the abilities.

MyMaster11 App - New Fantasy Cricket Apps In India
App Name : MyMaster11 Fantasy App
Signup Bonus : ₹100
Refer Bonus : ₹100
Download link : Click Here

The MyMaster11 app has more than 1.5 million active users who are already using it. Both Android and iOS users are free from the application.

Play fantasy cricket on MyMaster11 to be eligible for daily prizes of Rs.10 lakh. Isn’t that a great amount? So why not sign up for My Master 11 and begin your fantasy game adventure right away?

7. 11Challengers App | Best New Fantasy App

11Challengers App is another best new fantasy cricket app in India. It is a mobile gaming company that was founded in the year 2018. The app offers new and innovative features to its users including live streaming, player profiles, chat support, leaderboard-based challenges, game updates etc.

11Challengers App - New Fantasy Cricket Apps In India
App Name : 11challengers App
Signup Bonus : ₹100 + ₹20
Refer Bonus : ₹50
Download link : Click Here

The platform allows cricket lovers to create team of their favourite players from various leagues across the world and compete against others on different levels to win cash rewards & trophies. You can also join league contests with other cricket fans and win great prizes like Dhoni mugs among others!

8. Vision11 App

Vision11 App is India’s finest cricket fantasy app and it is also one of the best new fantasy cricket apps in India. The company was founded in the year 2016 by a team of passionate cricket fans. Vision11 app provides an engaging and entertaining experience to its users worldwide.

Vision11 App - New Fantasy Cricket Apps In India
App Name : Vision11 App
Signup Bonus : ₹100
Refer Bonus : ₹100
Download link : Click Here

Users can build their own teams out of actual players from forthcoming matches, compete against other Users, and earn points based on how well they perform on the field. The Vision 11 family welcomes new members including Kieron Pollard, Venkatesh Iyer, Manish Pandey, Abdul Samad, Aixar Patel, Harshal Patel, and Varun Chakravarthy. Why then are you holding out? Sign up for the Vision11 app to begin exhibiting your abilities.

9. Boom11 App | Best New Fantasy Cricket App

Every enthusiast of fantasy gaming and cricket should visit Boom11 New Fantasy Cricket App. With heart-pounding competitions, it allows you to play weekly or daily fantasy cricket for real money.

Boom11 App - New Fantasy Cricket Apps In India
App Name : Boom11 App
Signup Bonus : ₹300
Refer Bonus : ₹500
Download link : Click Here

Boom11 is a wholly skill-based fantasy gaming platform that provides users with access to public, private, and free contests for an outstanding and exhilarating gaming experience with interesting rewards. The Boom11 fantasy software makes it simple to set up your fantasy team.

10. Sportasy App

Owner of the sports betting website Sportasy. Ltd. is Blossomfield Gaming Zone Pvt. Ltd. Sportasy has created a highly distinctive gaming platform with the goal of offering the greatest experience possible.

Sportasy App - New Fantasy Cricket Apps In India

In addition to offering a fantastic gaming experience, it also allows you to plan out your game in a very strategic manner. It is a location to play popular video games like Fortnight, Call of Duty, FIFA, and Fantasy Cricket, among many more.

App Name : Sportasy App
Signup Bonus : ₹500
Refer Bonus : ₹500
Download link : Click Here

App Features :

  • Less competition,
  • the cheapest entry fees, and simple winnings
  • 0% CHARGES

11. Vijayi Bhawa | Popular New Fantasy Platform

Vijayi Bhawa fantasy cricket app is the best fantasy cricket app for android devices that was launched in the year 2019. The game is developed by Vijayi Bhawa, which is a mobile gaming company based in India. It offers an innovative and engaging experience to cricket fanatics worldwide.

Vijayi Bhawa App - New Fantasy Cricket Apps In India
App Name : Vijayi Bhawa App
Signup Bonus : Upto ₹300
Refer Bonus :
Download link : Click Here

12. Gofski Fantasy App

This is also newly launched and one of best fantasy cricket apps in India. Gofsi fantasy app has been launched recently in India to focus on various online games & fantasy cricket / Football games. People are already earning huge number of rewards as there is currently very low competition on the app.

Gofsk fantasy App - New Fantasy Cricket Apps In India
App Name : Gofski App
Signup Bonus : ₹500
Refer Bonus : ₹200
Download link : Click Here

So , This are the compilation of newly launched Fantasy cricket apps in India. We have already discussed the benefits of new Fantasy cricket apps. so Now lets see more details about Fantasy cricket.

13. SportsBuzz11 Fantasy App

Fantasy Sports is an online fantasy game application where your love of sports and talent combine to provide significant rewards. SportsBuzz11 is the go-to gaming site for you to get the chance to demonstrate and use your fantasy talents, in addition to winning cash rewards every day, whether it’s football or cricket.

SportsBuzz11 - New Fantasy Cricket App
App Name : SportsBuzz11 App
Signup Bonus : ₹750
Refer Bonus : Commission
Referral code : COOLD8983P
Download link : Click Here

About Fantasy Cricket:

Fantasy cricket is a game within the fantasy sports genre, where players create virtual teams of real cricket players and score points based on their performance. One popular fantasy cricket app is Dream11, which provides an interface for player-to-player fantasy cricket matches. These matches are based on batting and bowling orders, and involve selecting a team of 11 players from the pool of players. The game involves real money, with top prize money up to ₹25,000 in some competitions.

Players can win real money by playing games such as rummy, ludo, or card games. Some fantasy cricket apps also offer league-based games, where top performers can win large cash prizes. Fantasy cricket is a fun way to stay up-to-date and follow cricket games while earning bragging rights at the same time.

How To Play Fantasy Cricket & Win Real Cash Daily:

Fantasy cricket is a game where you play with real-life team names and player statistics to win real money. You can create virtual teams from both squads, including one wicket-keeper, three to five batsman, one to three all-rounder, and three to five bowlers with one captain and vice-captain. Each player must belong to a specific category such as batting or bowling.

Once you have created your team, enter the team into league pots/leagues for competition winnings. The best league prize money is usually given out in cash prizes ranging from ₹100 to ₹1000000.

The legality of Fantasy Cricket in India:

Fantasy cricket is an exciting game where people can win real money prizes by playing fantasy teams in a league. Fantasy cricket is legal in India, and many mobile apps are available to play fantasy cricket for real cash. Playone Fantasy was recently launched in the market, where users can play a different type of fantasy game and win real cash prizes. Other apps such as Gamezy and Cash Fantasy also allow players to select matches, create teams, and join leagues to win prize money. These apps are reliable and legal ways to play fantasy cricket in India.

Whether it’s playing fantasy cricket for cash prizes or just having fun with friends and family, fantasy sports app is a great way to spend time and have some fun while making money at the same time.

TATA IPL Fantasy Apps 2023( Indian Premier League )

TATA IPL Fantasy2023 is one of the premier fantasy cricket apps in India. It allows users to play fantasy cricket games and win awesome prizes. It has top-tier game interface and easy-to-use features, making it an ideal fantasy app for cricket lovers. Besides, TATA IPL Fantasy2023 offers plenty of contests and rewards to keep players engaged. It also has a cash prize up for grabs for the best player in each league. If you’re interested in playing fantasy cricket games and getting access to incredible prizes, TATA IPL Fantasy2023 is definitely worth checking out. Other fantasy cricket apps in India provide great experiences and rewarding opportunities, so feel free to explore and find your favorite one!

Fantasy Format Of TATA IPL 2023:

The 8 teams of the TATA IPL 2023 will play in a home-and-away round-robin league phase. The top four teams from this league phase will qualify for the playoffs. In the playoffs, the top two teams will play against each other in the first qualifying match, with the winner going directly to the IPL final. The third and fourth place team from league phase will play against each other in an eliminator match. This fantasy cricket league offers exciting cricket action for cricket fans. It’s sure to be a highlight of this cricket season. You can download fantasy cricket apps to stay up-to-date with all the action and win prizes.


While fantasy cricket apps are all the rage, it doesn’t hurt to download them as well. They are fun to play and help you win real money. If you win, that’s icing on the cake. However, if you lose, it’s still better than winning nothing at all. So download fantasy cricket apps now and win big! It’s time for a new IPL fantasy league- Dream11 TATA IPL 2023- download the app here!



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