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Best Telegram Loot Deal Channel Bonus Zon

Best Telegram Loot Deal Channel Bonus Zon


Best Telegram Loot Deal Channel 

Best Telegram Loot Deals Channel – Hi Folks !! Now Get All Loot Deals & All Super Duper Loots Instantly into Your Phone. Now No More Missed Deals Or Missed Loots. We Are Finally Launching Our Much Awaited Feature “CoolzTricks Telegram Channel ” after Successful Roll Out Of coolzTricks Push Notification Service Which We have Launched 4 Months Ago

So , Also One More News To You Guys , We Are Finally Stopping The Much Loved “Whatsapp Broadcast Service” Of coolzTricks Due to Some Unavoidable Reasons i mentioned Below At End Of The Posts

Why Telegram Loot Deal Channel is Good Over Whatsapp ?

  • Most IMP Thing – Privacy – Telegram messages are heavily encrypted and can self-destruct.
  • We can Add Unlimited Members In Our Telegram Channel + Telegram Don’t store Our Data in Our Mobile Internal Storage
  • Through Our coolzTricks Bot – You Will Receive instant Notification Of loot after We post on blog
  • Blazing Fast Speed – Once We Post Something On Blog All Telegram Subscribers Will Instantly Get Notification Of it (No More Hanging Problem)
  • Telegram is Easy to Operate , No One Can miss use Your Number , No More Data Theft Problem as Telegram Don’t Store Data (as it is cloud Based App)

How to Join CoolzTricks Best Telegram Loot Deal channel ?

You Will Need Just 2-3 clicks to Join Our Telegram Loot Deal Channel

1, First Of All If You Don’t Have Telegram Then Download From Here

2. Now Open The App & Complete The Sign Up Process

3. Now Again Open This Link – t.me/icoolzTricks & Click On “View Channel” To Subscribe Our Channel

4. Channel Will Open – Now Just Click On “Join” Button

coolzTricks Telegram Channel

5. Congo !! You have Just Opted For Blazing Fast Notifications Of coolzTricks

Must Know – Never Click On “Mute” Button Otherwise You Will Not Receive Any Loot Deal Notification

coolzTricks Telegram Channel

6. Now Go To Telegram Homepage , Tap & Hold Our Channel Name & Then Click On “Pin To Top” So You Will Never Miss Any Loot Alert

coolzTricks Telegram Channel

Thanks !!

So , Why We are Stopping The Whatsapp Broadcast Service ?

There are Numerous Reasons & Benefits Of Telegram Feature Forced us to Close The Whatsapp Push Notifications Service

  • 1st Of All– We have More Then 20000 Users In Whatsapp Brodcast ( 80 Broadcast Groups) We have To Send 1 Message In Every Group One By One & it Takes Around 15-20 Minute Till Deal/loot Goes Out of Stock Or gets Over
  • 2nd – Whatsapp Broadcast is Like Personal Chat. 1 Deal Message i Sent to 20000 Users Will Store 20000 Times in My Phone Memory
  • 3rd – Even 8 GB RAM OnePlus 5 is Not able to Handle The Processes of Whatsapp Broadcast to 20000 Peoples
  • 4th – Whatsapp Takes 10-15 Minutes To Open The App & Show 20k Users
  • 5th – Most Users Are Replying Back to Our Broadcast Message & Add Our Number into Different Groups Which leads to Huge Processing of Opening App

So This Are The Reason We are Stopping The Whatsapp Broadcast Service



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