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CoinDCX Okto Polygon zkEVM Airdrop Bonus Zon

Okto Polygon zkevm airdrop Airdrop

CoinDCX Okto Polygon zkevm Airdrop Hello Coolz Readers!! Check Out CoinDCX Coupon Code from our post and you can join using it to get Free Crypto or BTC in your Wallet. Okto is Power of DeFi,  Now in your pocket. Access thousands of tokens from multiple DEXs across chains and discover high yield generating opportunities on your mobile.

There are total $100,000 Polygon zkevm Airdrop up for grabs from total Prize Pool.

Okto is a DeFi crypto wallet that supports multiple chains, allowing users to earn passive income by swapping over 1800 tokens and investing in more than 200 liquidity pools. It simplifies transaction fees by automatically converting tokens, and it provides additional security through Multi-Party Computation (MPC) technology and self-custody of private keys.

How to Win $100,000 Polygon zkevm airdrop Prize :

1. First of All Open Given Link in your default browser to Join CoinDCX Okto Airdrop.

2. You will redirected to Playstore.

3. Download the Okto By coindcx app & complete signup using Email address or your existing CoinDcx account & create your wallet

4. Now to participate in Polygon zkevm airdrop , You need to follow the few steps.

  • Deposit few crypto using Deposit button
  • Move to zkEVM chain
  • Swap on zkEVM chain
  • Share on Twitter using share button

*** Deposit a minimum of $10 into the Okto wallet, in the form of ETH, USDC, and MATIC tokens (on the Polygon chain) or USDT (on the Polygon or BSC chain). Note: The more funds you deposit, the higher your chances of getting the airdrop.

*** Move the deposited tokens to the Polygon zkEVM chain with the one-click, in-app bridge on Okto.

5. Final step is twitter share, You will rewarded with extra Prize pool of $1000 in this twitter offer too.

Okto Polygon zkevm airdrop Airdrop

6. After completing all this 4 steps , click on ‘Claim instant reward by Okto

7. You will rewarded with Upto $20 guaranteed prize Which will be unlocked just in 60 mins of completion

8. Also, You will be eligible for $100M Reward prize pool

More details : Okto Polygon zkEVM Airdrop

Okto Wallet, the official partner of Polygon zkEVM, is an omni-chain self-custody crypto wallet. Okto Wallet has prepared multiple quests with curated steps to help users easily participate in the Polygon zkEVM airdrop. By completing all quests, users can increase their chances of winning the Polygon zkEVM airdrop and get guaranteed rewards from a $100,000 airdrop pool from Okto.



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