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Free 2 Movie Tickets Every Month For 1 Year with Phillips Mixer Grinder Bonus Zon

Phillips Mixer Grinder Movie Offer

Get ready to enjoy Free Movie Tickets from Phillips. With the purchase of the Philips HL 7777 mixer grinder, you can now avail yourself of a year-long supply of couple movie tickets. Get Free Adipurush Movie Tickets, to experience the ramayana on theatres.

Now, Get Movie Tickets for a year from Phillips Mixer Grinder Movie Offer.

How does it work? It’s simple! When you purchase the Philips HL 7777 mixer grinder, you will receive a unique voucher number on your bill. All you have to do is upload the bill along with the voucher number to the designated website or mobile application. Once your bill is verified, you will receive an authentication code that can be used to book your movie tickets.

Not only does the Philips HL 7777 mixer grinder offer an excellent opportunity for entertainment, but it also delivers exceptional performance in the kitchen. Known for their quality and reliability, Philips appliances are trusted by millions around the world.

Features of Philips HL 7777 Mixer Grinder

  • Perfect blend of advanced technology and high performance with 5%* reduction in sound power & 2X** performance.
  • Powerful 75W turbo torque motor support with high endurance for efficient grinding, with built-in safety switch, delivers perfect results every time.
  • Smart One Touch Mode for pre-set cooking with 5 programmed modes and Intelli-speed technology for optimum speeds with smart sensors
  • Soft sound technology for silent operations, power blade performance for tough ingredients, 3-step blade technology for smooth blending of smoothies, leak-free jars for hassle-free use & cleaning
  • Comes with 1.5L Multi-purpose jar, 1L Power Bullet Jar, 1L Blend & Carry Jar & .5L chutney jar, spatula & recipe booklet, 2 year warranty from the date of purchase, in case of any product related queries, please contact us on our toll free no. 18-12-2929, remember to register your product after purchase on Philips India website to unlock benefits

How to Get Free Movie Tickets for 1 Year from Phillips Movie Offer?

  1. Purchase the Philips HL 7777 mixer grinder from an authorized retailer or online platform.
  2. Keep your bill safe, as it contains the voucher number required for authentication.
  3. Visit the Philips Reward website from here: Philips Movie Offer Page
  4. upload a scanned copy or clear image of your bill along with the voucher number.
  5. Once your bill is verified, you will receive an authentication code via email or SMS.
  6. Use the authentication code to book your movie tickets through this: Movie Ticket Booking Platform
  7. Enjoy your favorite movies with your significant other every month for a year!

So, why wait? Upgrade your kitchen with the Philips HL 7777 mixer grinder and unlock a world of cinematic experiences. Cherish the joy of movie nights with your loved one, all thanks to the Phlipps Mixer Grinder offer. Hurry, as this offer won’t last forever!

Disclaimer: The Phlipps Mixer Grinder offer is subject to availability and can vary by region. Please check with your local retailer or visit the official Philips website for more details.



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