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Free Samples In India:Genuine Free Sample Products List [July 2023] Bonus Zon

Free Samples In India:Genuine Free Sample Products List [July 2023] Bonus Zon


Free Samples In India

Free Samples in India , India Free Samples , Free Stuffs in India, Genuine Free Sample in India – Who doesn’t enjoy getting free sample products? Every time we hear about free samples or deals, we immediately get involved and purchase the item. Most significantly, it’s fantastic if a well-known company is giving out free stuff to everyone in India. We shouldn’t pass up this free sample because it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Additionally, if you are curious about where to find free samples in India or whether it is safe to grab free samples, read on. Earlier, it would have been tough to get free products online India, but not today. Even the biggest discounts and promo codes are easier to find and use.

Similarly, free samples in India are simpler to get by, and we’re happy to share with you today a list of them from reputable brands in India. You only need to follow the instructions and place your order in order to receive such free stuff. 

In addition, you again might be wondering at this point if you will actually receive the order. So, my friends, all of the free samples have been checked by us and have been found to be secure, reliable, and capable of timely delivery of your products.

Benefits of Free Samples

There are several benefits of ordering free samples in India 2023. If you want something for free, let’s know its advantages first.

  • Try Products before launch
  • Try Premium products free
  • Almost Zero delivery fees most of the times
  • Free superior product
  • Enjoy Savings
  • Receive delivery in 7–10 days.
  • Big Brand items are provided for free.

Free Samples In India : Collection Of Free Stuffs In India [July 2023]

Large companies like Lakme, Colgate, Nicotex, and Plum often give out free goods. Therefore, without further ado or delay, follow coolztricks and discover happiness. There are many opportunities available to you every day to just brighten your day. So let’s discuss these free samples in more depth. 

Here are the currently working free sample products in India.

currently working free sample products in India

Now lets see , how to order each free sample in India.

Get BLUE De Flower Of Story Perfume For FREE

Free Sample BLUE De Flower Of Story Perfume

In this free sample offer, You just have to fill the Google form & you will receive BLUE De Flower Of Story free Perfume sample. This offer is exclusive for Indian users only. Users need to follow this link [Click Here] & fill out the Google form with correct details. You will receive the delivery of this perfume shortly at your home. You don’t even need to pay for shipping charges also. Claim free sample now.

Get Dr. Gluten free sample products

Dr. Gluten provides gluten-free and nutritious food options & products. They are currently offering lots of free sample products in just ₹1 only. You can claim below products for free.

Sorghum Millet Flour sample @ Just ₹1
Multigrain Flour sample @ Just ₹1
Himalayan Black Rice sample @ Just ₹1
Real Honey Corn Flakes sample @ Just ₹1
Power Flakes sample @ Just ₹1
Multigrain Platinum Flour sample @ Just ₹1
Dr. Gluten free sample

To claim this samples , follow below steps :

  1. Visit the Offer Page from here: Dr. Gluten Sampler Page
  2. Scroll down & you will see ₹1 sample page
  3. Pick any product & add to cart
  4. Go to cart & Click on checkout
  5. There is only ₹25 shipping charge need to be paid
  6. Complete the purchase of this free sample
  7. Done !!

Get Charak Zzowin Nutra Tablets For FREE

Charak Pharma Free sample

In this freebies offer , You can order charak Zzowin Nutra Tablets For FREE from Charak Pharma. You just have to pay ₹25 shipping charge for this offer.

  1. First of All Open this Link Of Charak Pharma website.
  2. You will land on Free sample page of Charak pharma website
  3. Add Product into cart
  4. Fill our proper shipping details
  5. Finally click on submit
  6. Done !! You will receive this sample for free at your doorstep

Get Pansari Epicure Masala Sample For FREE

Pansari Epicure Free Sample

Pansari group is sending free masala sample to all users who fill the Google form released by them. You don’t even need to pay the shipping charge for this offer. You can claim this product for free. All you have to do is , just visit this free sample link of Pansari group. Fill out your name , email and all other shipping details. finally click on submit & done !! You will receive your free sample of masala packets to your home soon.

Nestle India Free Sample Products

Nestle India is giving away free Milk powder sample products. You just have to submit the form on official website & you can claim 3 Nestle milk powders Nestle Nangrow , Nestle Ceregrow , Nestle Lactogrow for free. Best thing about this freebie is you don’t even need to pay the shipping charge. So, don’t miss to order it now.

Just open each link , submit the form for all 3 freebies with your regular address & all details. Submit the form & wait. You will get all freebies from Nestle India to your location.

All Working Free Sample From SIRONA India

SIRONA Brand is running lots of free sample offers for their users. You just have to complete the simple survey & you can claim the free sample products like : Hair Removal Kit, Body wash , Skin Kit, Foaming Wash kit for free. Below are the direct link to claim this products.

There is some shipping charge on each product. You can avoid the shipping charge after adding any ₹199 product in cart. Grab this 5 working free samples from SIRONA brand.

Get Free Sample From Amazon India

Yes, You heard it right. You can claim free sample from Amazon India app too. Currently, Amazon has started providing free sample for amazon prime & non prime users. They have unveiled the free sample page & there will be free sample products according to your profile.

1. First of all just login into your Amazon account

2. Now visit this Amazon free sample page masterlink

3. If You are eligible then it will show you the Free sample product & coupon code below it.

** Keep checking this amazon free sample page daily , You will get weekly / monthly 3-4 samples from amazon through this page

4. Today, I am eligible for ‘Bare Anatomy – Hair Mask , Expert damage repair hair mask sachet‘.

Amazon Free Sample Products

5. I have ordered & received this free products from amazon.

*** You can find all working list of free amazon sample hereAmazon Free samples

Free Shampoo Sample From St Botanica

St Botanica is giving away free Hair Shampoo & Conditioner Kit (50ml) Worth ₹398 for Free. You just have to complete the small survey & need to pay the minor shipping charge to order the Free shampoo Sample or Free Conditioner sample from St Botanica.

Free Sample Product : Biotin & Collagen Hair Shampoo
Sample Product Image : Free Sample In India : Get Free Shampoo Sample From St Botanica
Regular Price : ₹399
Shipping Charge : ₹99

More free sample from St.Botanica Brand

Get Free Samples From PgTry : Gillette, Whisper, Gillette Venus For Men & Women For FREE

P & G is Giving Away Free Gillette Sample As Try & Buy Basis. Try The new Range Of Newly Launched Gillette Products Before You Purchase. Also Post Your Reviews On P & G Websites.

They are also offering the Free sample for Women too. They will get the free samples like Whisper , Gillette Venus etc free for Try from this P&gTry Website.

Free Sample Product : Gillette, Whisper, Gillette Venus
Sample Product Image : Get Free Sample From PGTry
Regular Price : ₹149
Shipping Charge : Free

Get Free Manish Malhotra Branded Lipstick Samples

MyGlamm is giving away Free Branded Manish malhotra Lipstick worth ₹395 on just completing the signup survey. Apart from Free lipstick , User will also get ₹150 MyGlamm Gift card on signup. You just have to complete the small survey to claim the free sample from MyGlamm website.

Free Sample Product : Lipstick Sample
Sample Product Image : MyGlamm Refer & Earn :
Regular Price : ₹399
Shipping Charge : ₹99

Lots of our female users have received the free Lipstick samples from MyGlamm. Apart from Lipstick , they are running the offer where you can claim any branded MyGlamm product for free of your choice as part of Try & buy offer. Follow below article.

More Free sample from MyGlamm

Free Cosmetic Sample From MyGlamm

Get Free Srimad Bhagvat Geeta Book :

Order “Srimad Bhagavad Gita” book at your doorstep for free. You don’t even need to pay the shipping charge for this Holy book. Watch all adhyay of Srimad Bhagavad Gita in different languages. Srimad Bhagavad Gita all 18 chapters in your language. Videos are available in English, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali/Bangla, Gujarati, Kannada, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, German, Urdu and Sanskrit.

Free Sample Product : Srimad Bhagavad Gita
Sample Product Image : This Geeta contains a complete description of the dynamic meditational system of the research that gives attainment to the Self, which is the complete spirituality of India and also the basic source of the prevailing religions of the whole world. It further concludes that the Supreme Being is one, the action to attain is one, the grace is one and the result, too is one - and that is the vision of the Supreme Being, attainment of godliness and eternal life - Swami Shri Adgadanand Ji Maharaj
Regular Price : ₹475
Shipping Charge : FREE

Lots of our users have received this Holy book. You just have to fill your details , put your shipping address & your book will arrive at your doorstep.

Srimad Bhagvat Geeta Free Sample

Lots Of Free Beauty Samples From SIRONA Brand :

SIRONA the Popular Period Care, Intimate & Personal Care Products selling Brand is giving away lots of Free sample products to try before buy for Indian users. They are giving away Apple Cider Vinegar Wash , Face & eyebrows razor, Hair removal cream , bodywash etc samples for free. Here is the link of all products.

Lots Of Free Beauty Samples From SIRONA Brand :

→ SIRONA Apple Cider Vinegar Foaming Wash Free Sample – Order From Here

→ SIRONA refreshing bodywash FREE Sample – Order From Here

→ SIRONA Choose your choice of Products For FREE – Order From Here

→ SIRONA Eyebrow & Face Razor (Pack of 4) Free sample – Order From Here

→ SIRONA Hair Removal Cream Free sample – Order From Here

You just have to pay the small shipping charge to order this free sample of SIRONA.

Free Coffee Sample in India From High Octane Brand

High Octane is newly launched coffee brand in India & they are giving away Free Coffee Jar sample. High Octane’s Sugar free Original Coffee is a blend of the finest grade coffee from Coorg. This gourmet product starts with a rich body, moves into a sweet middle and ends with a pleasant earthiness.

Free Sample Product : Coffee Jar Sample
Sample Product Image : High Octane Free Coffee sample loot
Regular Price : ₹475
Shipping Charge : FREE

Get Free Nicotex Gum Sample

Nicotex is giving free sample of Nicotex Gums to everyone who are addicted to smoking or you can give this Free Sample to your Relatives who are addicted to smoking. This is an official offer running on Nicotex Facebook India Page. You just have to send message to Nicotex Page inorder to receive the free Gum sample.

Free Sample Product : Nicotex Gums
Sample Product Image : Free Nicotex Sample Loot
Regular Price : ₹99
Shipping Charge : FREE

Get Free Baby Wash Sample From BabyChakra

Get Moisturizing Baby Wash, 200ml sample Worth ₹199 For FREE From The BabyChakra. You just need to pay delivery charges for this. BabyChakra’s Moisturizing Baby Wash is built with Lipid Layer Enhancers & USDA Certified Ingredients to strengthen your baby’s skin barrier while providing deep nourishment to the skin. This helps their skin to stay supple, soft, hydrated and nourished

Free Sample Product : Baby Wash Liquid Sample
Sample Product Image : Free Sample Of BabyChakra
Regular Price : ₹199
Shipping Charge : ₹99

Same like MyGlamm & other websites , You just have to fill the small survey to grab the free product. You have to just pay the minor shipping charge & your product will be delivered to your address. This is best chance to grab free sample of baby products.

More Free Sample products from BabyChakra Brand

Free Cosmetic Sample From BabyChakra

Get Free Diaper Samples From RforRabbit Website :

RforRabbit is offering Free sample of their Premium Diaper pants of all sizes. They are currently offering this sample products as part of their ‘Try before Buy‘ initiative. Best thing about this sample is RforRabbit is offering this product without any shipping charge.

Free Sample Product : Pack of 3 Diaper Samples
Sample Product Image : RforRabbit Free Diaper Sample
Regular Price : ₹199
Shipping Charge : ₹99

Our users have already received the free sample from RforRabbit brand. Here is the proof of sample received by our user.

RforRabbit Free Diaper Sample

Get Free Sample Of LOCTITE Thread Sealant

LOCTITE is known for quality adhesives and sealants. LOCTITE products provide solutions across the whole spectrum of adhesive technologies and manufacturing processes. They are used in markets as diverse as electronics, automotive, aerospace, biomedical etc. You can avail Freebies and free sample of LOCTITE at your business address.

Free Sample Product : LOCTITE Thread Sealant Samples
Sample Product Image : LOCTITE Thread Sealant Free Sample
Regular Price : ₹49
Shipping Charge :

Our users have already received the free sample from Loctite brand. Here is the proof of sample received by our user.

Free sample in India From Loctite Brand

Get Vitamin C Facewash Sample From TheMomsCo Brand

Same like Stbotanica Free Shampoo sample , TheMomsco is offering the Free Vitamin C Facewash sample for users in India. You just have to complete small survey & You will receive the free facewash sample at your home.

Free Sample Product : Vitamin C Facewash Sample
Sample Product Image : Themomsco Natural Vitamin C Face Wash (100 ml) for FREE
Regular Price : ₹249
Shipping Charge : ₹99

Get Lots Of Free Samples From Dabur Brand

Dabur the well known Ayurvedic / Natural Product brand is running the test before buy offer & they are giving away lots of free samples In India as Trial. Below are the free sample products & Direct link to receive the free sample.

Free Samples in India From Dabur

Just , Click on Try now on product page to receive the free sample from Dabur. Our lots of users have received free DantRakshak toothpastes from Dabur.

Dabur DantRakshak Free Samples

Get Green Tea Free Sample From Sure Slim Tea

SureSlim Tea is giving 100% Free Sample to every use who want to try this Slim Fit Tea for Free. SureSlim Superfine Green Tea with Garcinia Cambogia, Lemongrass, Cinnamon, Ginger, & Coleus is a delicious Weight Loss Tea experience that may help you lose weight and manage your weight.

Free Sample Product : Green Tea
Sample Product Image : Sure Slim Tea Free Sample
Regular Price : ₹149
Shipping Charge : Free

Green tea will help You :-

  • Lose Weights
  • Increase Immunity
  • Detox Body
  • Manage Weight

Smytten App : Get Genuine 11+ Free Samples In India On Signup

Smytten is India’s Largest Luxury Discovery Platform where you get to try, purchase and interact with the best of premium brands and services handpicked for you. They are giving away 6 Trial Points on signup & With each Trial point , You can buy 1 sample / Trial product for free. There are some Zero Trial points products too , You can get almost 11-12 Sample products for Free (With cashback).

  1. Download smytten app from this link – click here
  2. complete the signup , You will get 6 Trial points
  3. Few more Zero Trial points products added in this article
  4. Apply Coupon code – RTU100 to get ₹100 flat off
  5. Final Amount will be around ₹130, Complete payment , You will get ₹130 cashback
  6. Enjoy !! 11 Free sample products in India.
Smytten App : Get Genuine 11+ Free Samples In India On Signup

Free Samples From WOW India

Wow India is offering the lots of free samples for their users. You can claim Ubtan face serum, Mango body butter , Caffeine Face Serum , Immunity Boosters capsules For Free. You just need to pay the shipping charge. Below are the Direct Product links & promo codes to get Free sample from WOW India.

Free Samples From WOW India

You can purchase any 1 sample product from 1 account. There is shipping charge of ₹99. But You can avoid the shipping charge by adding the soap worth ₹125 in Cart. You will need to pay for soap only.

Get Free Sample From Zandu

Zandu the trusted Ayurveda brand is also offering the products with try before buy offer. You can order the product sample of Zandu products before purchase. Now Get the Zandu StriVeda Lactation powder free from Zandu.

The best source of nutrition for babies is mother’s milk. Breastmilk provides all the required nutrients for a baby and helps build their immunity. But some mothers may find difficulty in producing enough breastmilk. In such cases, opting for lactation supplements is one of the best ways to improve the quantity and quality of breastmilk.

Free Sample Product : Zandu StriVeda Lactation powder
Sample Product Image : Free Samples Zandu StriVeda Lactation
Regular Price : ₹299
Shipping Charge : Free

How to get a free sample In India successfully? 

Getting free samples might seem simple. However, to get free samples in India online, just keep in mind about the below-mentioned points.

  • To prevent the delivery executive from making a mistake or misplacing an order, enter the proper address.
  • Correctly provide your phone number so the delivery person can reach you in the event of an order delay or other similar concerns.
  • Some samples can require a little fee, therefore make the necessary payment to ensure successful delivery.
  • Enjoy the product once it has been sent after waiting 7 to 10 days for your free samples online.

Final Thoughts

Freebies are the kind of things that might introduce you to new things that you can fall in love with. You will be able to make adjustments in your life and learn about its advantages by trying it out as a sample. As a result, a list of free samples is presented above information on where to order, how to order, and how to buy. 

Now, enjoy the advantages of free gifts. So go ahead and choose as many free samples from the list above as you’d want to purchase and test them out for free. Happy free shopping with coolztricks!! 



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