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Fuelbuddy App: Free Diesel on First Order Bonus Zon

Fuelbuddy App: Free Diesel on First Order Bonus Zon


Fuelbuddy App Offers

Free Diesel on First Order from the Fuelbuddy app

Fuelbuddy app, Fuelbuddy Azaadi Offer, Fuelbuddy Referral Code, Fuelbuddy Coupon code: Hello Guys, Welcome back to the exciting offer related to fuel. You all are already giving answers to Park+ Quiz from our daily update & winning Free Petrol. Park+ App gives Free 5 Litre Petrol by various contests. But, we now have another fuel delivery app giving Free Diesel, Named Fuelbuddy app.

The Fuelbuddy app is the fuel delivery app. It is an app for fuel on-demand delivery service. They serve corporate customers fuel on a regular basis. They aim to transform an industry in which norms of pilferage and adulteration are accepted.

India’s unique challenge of uninterrupted power supply requires over 20 million residents. This forces over 20 million residential & commercial complexes to operate on backup generators. For refuelling, users carry jerry cans or barrels to procure diesel from fuel stations and transport it unsafely to sites where generators are installed. Additionally, they stock up and store diesel for future use to avoid the hassle of frequent purchases and transporting the fuel, which is unsafe.

Other than this, You can get 5 Litre of Diesel Free on your first order from Fuelbuddy App. This is Fuelbuddy Azaadi Offer on the occasion of our Independence Day month. The offer will be valid from 15th to 30th August. The coupon code, Referral code of the Fuelbuddy app & step by step procedure is given below.

How to get Free Diesel from Fuelbuddy App?

1. Download the app from here: Fuelbuddy App

2. Signup by giving your details like Name, Number & Address.

3. Verify number will OTP & Enter your state & city.

4. move to the homepage & Map will appear.

5. From the upper left side, Go to the profile section.

6. Click on the referral code & enter from below.

7. Go to the homepage & select your location.

8. After selecting the next step, Enter Quantity and Time.

Note: The amount of purchase orders for Free Diesel is vary for different cities, so must check.

9. On the payment page, Enter the coupon code.

Coupon Code – Diesel

10. Done, Your coupon code is applied. Must Take Parchi {Bill} from order.

11. Upload this parchi on social media & send a photo of Parchi on the number: 91 98109 72857

12. You will get 5 Litre Free Diesel on the First Order.

13. Also, Get 5 Litre Free Diesel by Refer and Earn.

What is FuelBuddy?
FuelBuddy is an online platform to provide doorstep delivery of fuel in a safe, reliable, and efficient way. You can place your order online and get fuel delivered at your location in specialized Refuellers (FuelBuddy Tankers) according to your chosen schedule. We are making refuelling smarter!

Which areas did FuelBuddy serve?
FuelBuddy Services are present in over 40 cities. Delhi-NCR, Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Pune and Hyderabad

Where does FuelBuddy source its fuel from?
FuelBuddy sources fuel from authorized and selected dealers of oil companies near your location. We follow a strict quality assurance program to ensure every drop of fuel is checked for quality before it gets loaded into our Refuellers for delivery. We do not purchase or stock fuel prior to delivery. Fuel is sourced only upon receiving orders from customers. We procure fuel from Oil Marketing Companies like Indian Oil, HP, BP, Essar and Shell Petrol Pumps. The daily fuel price varies among Oil Marketing Companies.



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