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How to Earn Money from second-hand books From BookChor App Bonus Zon

How to Earn Money from second-hand books From BookChor App Bonus Zon


Earn Money from second-hand books

Earn Money from second-hand books, BookChor pays for old books – If you are a reader or a student, you probably have a lot of old books that you want to sell but there is no one around that is interested in your books. However, there is now a solution to your dilemma known as BookChor.

BookChor is an online platform for those who wish to sell books to a large number of people at a reasonable price and make money that is instantly deposited into their bank account. The Google Play store has a 3.7 rating with positive reviews.

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BookChor offers functions other than earning money, such as donating books to individuals who cannot afford them. In this approach, BookChor is assisting in the strengthening of India’s most vulnerable communities.

If you wish to buy a book at a low cost, you can also download it since it gives numerous discounts on book orders. It is a breakthrough software since it offers books ranging from medical to engineering to culinary and baking at a very affordable rate. Also, antique books have a different appeal and personality than modern novels. Read the entire post to learn how to obtain books at a lesser price.

Books Classification on BookChor:

Books in the BookChor are classified into four categories based on their condition:

reading It is the lowest price of a book that is in reading condition for the customer but may have the page quality affected.
Good The cost in this category is higher than that of reading books. According to its category, it is a superior book.
Almost New This category’s cost is nearly the same as the excellent category book. As a result, there aren’t many pricing disparities between the goods and virtually new categories.
New The price of this type of book is not much lower than that of a new book, and in many situations, it is the same.

How to Sell and Buy Books from BookChor?

1) Download BookChor from here: Download Now

2) After installation, run the app and select Begin.

3) Now, sign up using your phone number and submit some basic information such as your name, age, and OTP.

BookChor Referral Code: IGGCFAG

4) Get Rs.50 discount with a referral code. Enter the title of your book into the search field; if a book appears, click on it.

5) If categories are displayed, choose your favorite category. Otherwise, the category is not available.

6) Scroll down to learn more about the book, then click on Buy Now.

7) Select the Apply option, and you will receive the following vouchers for various quantities of books:

  • If you wish to buy a book that costs more than Rs.399, you can apply for an Rs.50 coupon to receive a flat Rs.50 discount when you apply the referral code on your account’s recommendation and earn an area.
  • If you wish to buy a book that costs more than Rs.599, you can use the Rs.100 voucher to obtain a flat Rs.100 discount on your transaction.

8) Select Add Address and enter your delivery address along with your phone number.

9) Now click Continue and choose your favorite payment method.

10) If you are dissatisfied with your book, you have 14 days to return it.

How to Sell a Book & Earn Money ?

For selling, the BookChor app created a new app called dump, where you can quickly sell your book for a fee, and payment will be transferred straight into your bank account via UPI within 7 days of collection.

The steps for selling your book on Dump are as follows:

1) Download the Dump app from the Google Play store and register with the same phone number that you used in BookChor.

2) Go to the search tool and select the scan option on the right side of the search box.

3) Scan the ISBN number on the back of your book; an example of an ISBN number barcode is shown in the image.

4) Include information about your book, such as its title, publisher, and author.

5) Set the price of the book based on the number of books you want to sell and then click the Sell My Book button.

6) Select Add Pickup location and enter the location where you want to donate or receive your books.

7) On the same page, add a note and an alternate mobile number before clicking on Sell My Books.

8) Choose the payment option you wish to use and click Continue.

9) Once the pickup has been accepted and selected, the funds are transmitted to your payment method within 7 days.

Tips for Buying and Selling Books on BookChor

  • If you want to buy a book for a reasonable price, I recommend that you get a book in decent shape.
  • Use BookChor to pay for the book so that you can enjoy free shipping on your order.
  • Always sell all of the books at once. If not, the book’s selling price may be reduced a second time.
  • Give a positive review of the book.
  • If you wish to buy another book from BookChor, try to get compensated in UPI for selling the book.



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