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KuCoin USDT Rewards – Join & Claim Upto $100 USDT FREE Bonus Zon

KuCoin USDT Rewards – Join & Claim Upto $100 USDT FREE Bonus Zon


KuCoin USDT Rewards Offer

KuCoin USDT Rewards – Join & Claim Upto $100 USDT FREE | All Users

KuCoin USDT Rewards Offer – Hello Coolz Readers!!! Complete Daily StromGain Free Mining and Trade in Futures and Earn Free Crypto in your Bank. Users can earn USDT rewards by sharing their referral links via the promotional event webpage and inviting friends to sign up. Furthermore, the referrer will receive a 20% commission from trading fees generated by new sign-ups who use their referral links. The new sign-ups (referees) will also receive cash rewards of up to 100 USDT.

KuCoin Invite Friends to Earn USDT offer is here but there is an offer running for the KuCoin old users who have their account can also claim USDT for Free. This offer is for all KuCoin Users who are already registered or who are going to register. So Claim your Free USDT now from the total Prize Pool!!

KuCoin USDT Rewards – Join & Claim Upto $100 USDT FREE :

1. First of All if you are a new user then Sign Up or Sign In on KuCoin From Given Link Below. :

2. Tap on Share & Claim Button.

KuCoin USDT Rewards Offer

3. Login using your details and Tap on Withdraw Option.

KuCoin USDT Rewards Offer

4. It will ask you to Compelte KYC to Claim Your Rewards. So upload your ID Card Phone and Done!!

5. Claim Your KuCoin USDT Reward after Completing KYC. Instant KYC Verification.

KuCoin USDT Rewards Offer

6. You can Share your Referral Link and You will earn commission on your Referrals Trading Fees.

7. KuCoin will be having an event to give away a 10,000 USDT prize pool to qualified KuCoin users.

8. Event Period : From 10:00 on August 17, 2023 to 00:00 on August 31, 2023 (UTC+8)

Terms & Conditions :

1. Reward Acquisition (Inviters): Existing users can open the cash package worth up to 100 USDT by sharing the referral link and inviting friends to register through the event page. The inviter will also get 20% commission returns from their invitee;

2. Reward Acquisition (Invitees): Newly registered users who have been invited by their friends through the event page can directly receive a reward worth up to 100 USDT!;

3. Withdrawal Rules: All qualified existing and Invited users need to complete their Standard User Identity Verification in order to withdraw the cash package;

4. Cash Package Limitations: Each user can only open the cash package once. Duplicate accounts will be regarded as the same user. However, each user can share the cash package multiple times;

5. 20% Commission Return Rules: After sharing the cash package and letting your friend complete their registration on KuCoin, the inviter will generate 20% commission returns from the invitee’s transactions in the future. The more invitees you have, the higher the expected returns. For more details, click this link to view the specific rules;

6. Reward Distribution: All rewards will be airdropped to the user’s account within 7 working days after the withdrawal application;

7. Sub-accounts: Sub-accounts are not eligible to participate in this event. Deposits made to sub-accounts are not counted towards this event;

8. Disqualification: KuCoin reserves the right to disqualify participants and cancel rewards if fraudulent or illegal behavior is discovered during the event period;

9. Modification rights: KuCoin reserves the right to cancel or modify any part of the event or event rules at its own discretion;

10. Terms of use: All participants must comply with KuCoin’s terms of use;

11. Interpretation: KuCoin has the final interpretation rights for this event. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service;

12. Non-affiliation notice: This event is not affiliated with Apple Inc.



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