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Amazon Prime Day Joyland

Play Games Win Free Vouchers from Amazon Prime Day Joyland Game

Amazon Prime Day Joyland: Hello Guys, Welcome back to the new offer from Amazon. Amazon will organize its biggest sale on the 15th & 16th of July, Named as Prime Day Sale. For the Loot Deals & Offers, Join our Coolztricks Telegram Channel to don’t miss out on any deals. Amazon is giving away Free Vouchers by playing Joyland Game.

Get Amazon Prime worth Rs.1500 in Just Rs.249 from Amazon Prime Offer, It will give you access to the biggest sale Amazon Prime Day Sale. Amazon Prime Day Joyland game is a racing game on the ice track, In which you have to collect offers & Dotch the obstacles coming in the way. Blocks are in the form of Icy Patches, Snowballs & Wooden logs. You will get 60 Seconds to complete the game.

Collect the timer box to increase the speed & Collect the discount deals to avail in the sale. Obstacles in the game will decrease the rate, So to get maximum offers & vouchers dotch the obstacles. You can use these vouchers on the Amazon Prime Day sale. See the details to play the game & win Free Amazon Vouchers.

How to Play & Win Free Amazon Voucher from Amazon Prime Day Joyland?

1. Visit the link to play: Amazon Prime Day Joyland Game

2. Click on Play & Win Vouchers.

3. Game will start.

4. Dotch the Blocks in the form of Icy Patches, Snowballs & Wooden Logs.

5. Collect the discount deals by going right & left.

6. You will get 60 seconds to play. Collect the Timer box to increase the time.

7. After completing the game, You will get Free Vouchers to avail.

8. Enjoy Amazon Prime Day.

Don’t miss out on the chance to win a Free Amazon voucher. Collect the vouchers & Avail of the biggest sale of Amazon as Prime Day on the 15th & 16th of July.



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