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Qureka: Live Trivia Game Show & Win Cash

If you are a fan of live quiz shows and want to make money while playing, you should try Qureka! This app is available in 6 different languages and has a 4.4 rating on the play store. You will find plenty of games to play and even earn money for playing them! In this article, we will look at what this game offers, how to download it and what you can expect from it. Read on to find out more about this popular app! If you are interesting to earn money by playing teen patti or rummy games, You can download rummy wealth apk.

Qureka is a live quiz show

If you’re a fan of trivia, you may have heard of Qureka: Live Trivia Game Show & Win Cash. This colorful quiz game is a fun way to win cash while exercising your mind. To win, you must answer a question correctly within 10 seconds. However, there are other ways to earn coins on Qureka. Here are some of them:

Qureka has introduced memory and cognitive ability-refining games to eliminate the literacy barrier. It also features 13 live quizzes every day from different categories and has a virtual currency coin feature. The app is free to download, has a growing audience of over 3 lakh users per day, and offers multiple formats to break the monotony. The prize money pool is divided equally among winners at the end of the show.

It offers games in 6 languages

The company behind Qureka, a mobile app that provides brain-teasers and other fun-filled activities, was founded by serial entrepreneurs Shalini and Apurva. Both of them had earlier ventures acquired by Times Internet. Qureka was launched in March 2018. It aims to combine the best of gaming and learning in an app that is both socially acceptable and fun. Currently, Qureka offers games in 6 languages – English, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, and Spanish.

There are several ways to join Qureka. Users can join by either entering their Gmail account information or by providing their mobile number. Upon registering, they will receive an OTP on their mobile phones and can use it to complete registration. This app allows players to play live quiz games. Each live quiz game contains ten questions and competitors have 10 seconds to answer them. Qureka also has the ability to offer games in multiple languages, including French, German, and Japanese.

It has a 4.4 rating at the play store

If you’re looking for a new game to download to your Android smartphone, you’ve probably come across Qureka. This fun game combines the best features of online casinos with the ability to play with real cash. The average user spends over 10 minutes a day playing the game, and it boasts a 4.4 rating at the play store. If you’re interested in finding out more about the game, read on.

A popular Indian gaming app, Qureka lets users make money by answering simple GK questions. The game is designed to promote competition and inspire the competitive spirit in its users. The game has an excellent cash prize system, making it extremely popular and fun to play. While it’s not the most exciting game available, the app’s fun features make it worth downloading for Android devices. It’s easy to get started on Qureka.

It offers money earning opportunities

Before getting started, you should know how to register for the Qureka application. You need to register on one smart device and use the Google Assistant or Siri to answer questions. While playing the game, keep the Qureka app at full volume and your other device on mute. You can use a headset if you want to make sure you’re not disturbed. When asked a question, answer it correctly to earn some money.

Once you’ve signed up, you can play the many games available through Qureka. You can play games and quizzes for real cash, and you can even request games. You can also earn additional cash by sharing your referral code. If you invite a friend, you will receive 50% of their winnings. Then, if that friend wins money, you’ll receive Rs. 10 in Paytm cash. You can earn up to Rs 5,000 with this method. Also you can make money by playing games from royally rummy which we reviewed yesterday. thank you



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