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Sprite Joke in a Bottle Offer Bonus Zon

Sprite Joke in a Bottle Offer Bonus Zon


Sprite Free Amazon Prime Offer

Sprite Joke in a Bottle Offer, Sprite Free Amazon Prime – Sprite, one of the world’s most popular lemon and lime-flavored soft drinks, has launched an exciting offer that is sure to appeal to its fans in India. As part of this Sprite Free Amazon Prime offer, Sprite drinkers can earn points from various activities. The more points they earn, the higher they climb up the leaderboard. The top rankers at the end of the offer period will win a free Amazon Prime subscription worth ₹299.

The whole offer works on the chatbot of Whatsapp, you will get jokes, your rank, ways to earn, refer friends & more all on the Sprite Whatsapp chatbot.

However, the ultimate goal of the Sprite offer is to climb up the leaderboard and win the top prize – a free Amazon Prime subscription worth ₹299. Amazon Prime is a premium subscription service that offers several benefits, such as free one-day and two-day delivery, access to Amazon Prime Video, and early access to exclusive deals. Winning a free subscription can save you money and offer you a great streaming experience.

To increase your chances of winning the top prize, you need to earn as many points as possible. The leaderboard is updated regularly, so you can track your progress and see how you rank compared to other participants. The offer period is limited, so you need to act fast and start earning points today.

How to win Free Amazon Prime from Sprite Offer?

1. Visit the offer page, and start the offer from here: [T & C offer page not working]

To Join,

Send below msg message on whatsapp to +919650877066 (Sprite)

Message – Hey, I am here for Sprite Joke-In-A-Bottle! By pressing “SEND” on this message, I consent to sharing my mobile number and display name with Sprite.

2. Sprite Whatsapp Chat Box will be opened.

3. Pre-written message will appear, send it to Sprite.

4. You will get a joke from Sprite, React it to get 1 Point.

5. After reacting, change the language or click on “Continue“.

6. Now, Click on “Ways to earn points“.

Sprite Free Amazon Prime Offer

7. Click on “Referrals“, Refer a Friend by just giving a number & Redeem the invite code to get Free Points.

Sprite Joke in a Bottle Referral/Invite Code is – aEacni4856

8. Earn more points by referring to, listening to more jokes, reacting to them & a lot more.

9. Check your rank by Clicking on “My Rank“.

10. Get a chance to win Free Amazon Prime for 1 Month from Sprite Joke in a Bottle offer.

Ways to earn from Sprite Offer:

Task Point
Explore more jokes till you ROFL “Click on Get More Jokes” 1 point per joke
Reply with Emojis on jokes 1 point per joke
Invite your Friends 5 points every time a friend of yours
Update your profile 5 points on completion
Have an invite code? Use and get 2 points

In conclusion, the Sprite Joke in a Bottle WhatsApp offer is a unique and engaging way for Sprite fans to enjoy their favourite drink and earn exciting rewards. By simply listening to jokes on the Sprite chatbot and sharing them with your friends, you can earn points and climb up the leaderboard to win a free Amazon Prime subscription. The offer not only rewards you for your participation but also adds some fun and laughter to your day. So, grab a bottle of Sprite, and start listening to some hilarious jokes on the chatbot.

Offer page –

T & C –



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