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Win Rs.50 Cashback on Shopping Bonus Zon

Amazon Guess the Celebrity Quiz

Are you ready to put your celebrity knowledge to the test? Amazon brings you an exciting opportunity to not only showcase your celebrity knowledge but also win amazing shopping rewards while you’re at it! Introducing the “Guess Your Celebrity FZ Quiz Time” on Amazon, where you get a image to identify your favourite stars, complete missions, and grab discounts on your shopping spree. So, get ready to go into the world of celebrity and reward!

In this quiz, Amazon presents you with a series of images featuring various celebrities from the entertainment industry. Your task, should you choose to accept it, is to accurately identify each celebrity based on the provided images. Also Read amazon Funzone quiz answers

Completing the “Guess Your Celebrity FZ Quiz Time” not only showcases your celebrity knowledge but also earns you fantastic shopping rewards. Amazon is offering a Rs.50 cashback coupon on your Rs.350 Amazon shopping.

How to Play Quiz & Win Shopping Reward?

1, First of all, open the quiz from given below.

2. Guess the celebrity quiz will appear.

3. Click on Start Quiz.

4. Give the answers to all Images by identifying the celebrity.

5. Complete the tasks in between like watching video.

6. Done, After giving all answers, You will get Free Shopping Reward.

7. See the answers from below.

Amazon Funzone Quiz Time Guess the Celebrity Answers

1. Alia Bhatt

2. Shah Rukh Khan

Unlock 3rd question by visiting here (Visit from mobile)

3. Deepika Padukone

4. Saif Ali Khan

Amazon Guess the Celebrity Quiz

The “Guess Your Celebrity FZ Quiz Time” on Amazon is more than just a quiz; it’s an opportunity to have fun, test your knowledge, and win exciting shopping rewards. From identifying your favorite stars to completing missions, every step is a chance to explore the glamorous world of celebrities and earn discounts on your shopping cart. So, play the quiz, guess the celebrities right, complete the missions, and claim your Rs.50 cashback coupon on a Rs.350 Amazon shopping – happy quizzing and shopping!



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